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The2021 World’s Strongest Man formally began in Sacramento,California, on Tuesday, June15 In all, 25 of the greatest males in the world collected to discover who the greatest would be over the next 6 days. You can read our sneak peek of the competitors, then inspect back here for everyday outcomes and highlights.

Day 1 Highlights

Event 1: Loading Medley Race

The professional athletes were positioned into 5 groups to fight it out for 10 finals positions. For the very first occasion, the rivals’ task is to bring 2 red wine barrels weighing 225 pounds each, a 275- pound anvil, and an 825- pound rickshaw frame10 meters in the fastest time possible.

The standout professional athlete was Tom Stoltman from Scotland, who contended in GroupTwo He finished the occasion in 46 seconds, which was the fastest time out of all professional athletes. The 5 winners are listed below. Unfortunately, LukeRichardson, contending in Group Three, needed to withdraw due to a biceps injury.

  • GroupOne: MaximeBoudreault, 1 minute
  • GroupTwo: TomStoltman, 46 seconds
  • GroupThree: RobertOberst, 3 carries out finished plus 11 meters on the 4th
  • GroupFour: KonstantineJanashia, 3 carries out finished plus 7 meters on the 4th
  • GroupFive: KevinFaires, 59 seconds

Event 2/3: Squats/Deadlifts for Reps

GroupsOne and Three needed to carry out squats for representatives with 700 pounds, while Groups Two, Four, and Five needed to deal with 750- pound deadlifts for reps. The crouches were initially, where Group One rivals four-time champ Brian Shaw and AivarsSmaukstelis shared leading honors by carrying out 10 repeatings each.

  • Squat,Group 1: BrianShaw and AivarsSmaukstelis – 10 repeatings
  • Squat,Group 3: J.F. Caron – 11 repeatings
  • Deadlift,Group 2: MarkFelix, Tom Stoltman, Trey Mitchell – connected with 8 representatives each
  • Deadlift,Group 4: AdamBishop – 9 repeatings
  • Deadlift,Group 5: BobbyThompson – 9 repeatings

Day 2 Highlights

Day 2 started with 2 professional athletes withdrawing. Terry Hollands suffered a biceps injury, and not just withdrew, however revealed his retirement from future WSM contests. South Africa’s Chris van der Linde is now out of the competitors due to a nondisclosed problem. Both males remained in Group Four

Event 4: Fingal’s Fingers (GroupsOne, Four, Five)

The 5 fingers weigh in between 320 and 380 pounds. Competitors needed to effectively turn over all 5 in the quickest time possible.

Three of the 5 groups contended in this occasion. Brian Shaw, Nick Best’s choose to win this year’s WSM, was the only male to turn all 5 fingers. Other winners were as follows:

  • GroupOne: BrianShaw, 40.47 seconds
  • GroupFour: JerryPritchett, 4 fingers in 41.19 seconds
  • GroupFive: Oleksii Novikov, 4 fingers in 28.44 seconds

Event 5: Train Pull (GroupsTwo and Three)

The initial idea was for the rivals in Groups Two and Three to pull the 50- load mix of the front and caboose of the train, comparable to a harness drag Brake problems with the front automobile led organizers to make a modification; the rivals were asked to press the 25- load caboose of the train, like the world’s hardest sled push

  • GroupTwo: JohnnyHansson, 35.86 seconds
  • GroupThree: Eyth ór Ing ólfsson Melsted, 37 seconds

Day 3 Highlights

Event 6: Overhead Press Medley

Lifters needed to tidy and press 2 dumbbells weighing 210 and 220 pounds, a single circus barbell at 342 pounds, and an axle barbell at 360 pounds in the fastest time possible, as much as 75 seconds.

  • GroupOne: BrianShaw, 34.72 seconds
  • GroupTwo: TreyMitchell, 29.77 seconds
  • GroupThree: J.F. Caron, 33.72 seconds
  • GroupFour: KonstantineJanashia, 3 carries out in 48.42 seconds
  • GroupFive: BobbyThompson, 43.43 seconds

Event 7: PickaxeHold

Each professional athlete needed to hold a 60- pound pickaxe at arm’s length right out and extended for the optimum time possible.

  • GroupOne: AivarsSmaukstelis, 32.51 seconds
  • GroupTwo: TreyMitchell, 46.13 seconds
  • GroupThree: RobertOberst, 48.03 seconds
  • GroupFour: JerryPritchett, 35.39 seconds
  • GroupFive: BobbyThompson, 41.62 seconds

At this point in the competitors, 5 professional athletes were currently gotten approved for the Finals:

  • BrianShaw
  • TreyMitchell
  • J.F. Caron
  • KonstantineJanashia
  • BobbyThompson

Event 8: Stone Off

The other 5 professional athletes to make the finals were identified by a “stone off.”The 2nd and 3rd location finishers in each group initially took on, with each male needing to raise 6 atlas stones varying from 310 to 465 pounds. The rival who raised the heaviest stone, or who raised the 6th stone the best variety of times, advanced to the finals.

The winners are:

  • MaximeBoudreault def. AivarsSmaukstelis
  • TomStoltman def. Mark Felix
  • Eyth ór Ing ólfsson Melsted def. Robert Oberst
  • AdamBishop def. Jerry Pritchett
  • LukeStoltman def. Kevin Faires

Surprisingly,2020 champ Oleksii Novikov was amongst the professional athletes removed from the competitors. He is the very first ruling champ to stop working at making the finals the list below year because 1996 winner Magnus ver Magnusson in1997

Day 4 Highlights

After 3 days of certifying occasions, the 10 greatest males in the world have actually been identified. June 18 th worked as a much required day of rest, however the very first day of the finals is now in the books, and history was made throughout this competitors.

FinalsEvent 1: Giants Medley

The opening occasion of the finals was a medley occasion. The professional athletes needed to bring a 970- pound extremely yoke down a 10- meter course, and after that they needed to go back to the beginning line to get a 772- pound frame and bring it 15 meters Both carries out needed to be finished within one minute. “The Albatross” Tom Stoltman was the winner of this occasion.

  • FirstPlace: TomStoltman, 18.36 seconds
  • SecondPlace: KonstantineJanashia, 20.31 seconds
  • ThirdPlace: Brian Shaw, 20.53 seconds

FinalsEvent 2: Titans Turntable

A 30- load train beinged in the middle of a turntable with a deal with on completion. Competitors had 75 seconds to turn the table with the train an overall of 30 meters around the circle. Tom Stoltman when again came out triumphant.

  • FirstPlace: TomStoltman, 46.89 seconds
  • SecondPlace: TreyMitchell, 52.34 seconds
  • ThirdPlace: EythorIngolfsson Melsted, 52.83 seconds

At this phase Tom Stoltman had 20 points for the general lead. His older bro, Luke Stoltman, was connected with Brian Shaw for 2nd location with 13 points each. They are the very first siblings to be very first and 2nd in the standings at any point in the Finals.

FinalsEvent 3: Reign Keg Toss

The professional athletes were charged with tossing a 15- kg (33 pounds) keg as high as possible over a crossbar. The crossbar went up as the professional athletes took their turns. When they stopped working two times, they were removed. The last male standing was the winner. Four- time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw not just took the win here, however he broke his own world record of 7.25 meters by tossing the keg 7.75 meters (25 feet, 5.1 inches)!

  • FirstPlace: BrianShaw, 7.75 meters
  • SecondPlace (Tie): TomStoltman, 7.5 meters
  • SecondPlace (Tie): MaximeBoudreault, 7.5 meters

After the very first day of competitors, here is how the leading 3 professional athletes are placed. Three more occasions will choose the 2021 World’s Strongest Man winner by the end of Father’s Day!

  • FirstPlace: TomStoltman, 28.5 points
  • SecondPlace: BrianShaw, 23 points
  • ThirdPlace: MaximeBoudreault, 18 points

Day 5 Highlights

The last day of the World’s Strongest Man began with Tom Stoltman in the lead, followed by four-time winner Brian Shaw in 2nd location and Maxime Boudreault in 3rd. Whatever was left for the professional athletes to provide, they needed to provide it here.

FinalsEvent 3: Max Log Press

The very first occasion of the last day of competitors was the Max LogPress The goal is to push the heaviest weight possible on the log overhead to a total lockout till the judge provides the “down” command. A Stoltman won this occasion, however it was really the older bro, Luke Stoltman who took the occasion triumph!

  • FirstPlace: LukeStoltman, 215 kgs/474 pounds
  • SecondPlace (tie): BobbyThompson/BrianShaw/TreyMitchell, 205 kgs/452 pounds

FinalsEvent 4: Deadlift for Reps

Competitors contended 2 at a time, raising unwieldy boxes weighing 760 pounds, with the goal being to carry out as lots of representatives as possible in one minute. The leading 3 in this occasion all connected for top place; AdamBishop, Trey Mitchell, and J.F. Caron all got 10 repeatings each. However, Brian Shaw got 9 representatives, which was another representative than Tom Stoltman who was the general leader. That suggested the last occasion of the competitors would identify the champ.

  • FirstPlace (tie): AdamBishop/ J.F. Caron,Trey Mitchell, 10 repeatings each

FinalsEvent 5: Atlas Stone-Off

A strongman custom, the Atlas Stones is the last occasion. The 5 stones vary in weight from 310 to 465 pounds, and the male who can raise all 5 stones to their particular podiums in the quickest time wins.

BothTom Stoltman and Brian Shaw excel in this occasion and took on in the last pairing. Tom Stoltman won the general occasion with a lightning-quick time of 20.21 seconds. Thus, Scotland’s Tom Stoltman is the 2021 World’s Strongest Man!

  • FirstPlace: TomStoltman, 20.21 seconds
  • SecondPlace: MaximeBoudreault, 28.63 seconds
  • ThirdPlace: Brian Shaw, 31.45 seconds

FinalPoints Standings

  • First location: TomStoltman, 45.5 points
  • Second location: BrianShaw, 42.5 points
  • Third location: MaximeBoudreault, 36.5 points

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