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When you put a first-rate powerlifter and a brave Afghan war veterinarian in a fitness center and provide a long time to come up with a strategy, you’re going to wind up with one hell of an exercise.

Last time, KC Mitchell (the courageous veterinarian and creator of RisingLabs) and JesseNorris(the powerlifter) revealed you how to torch your back This time, they resemble kids in a sweet-shop as they survey all the sweet health club toys and create an exercise that will offer you a chest like a Roman soldier’s breast plate.

On the menu are a number of the finest chest workouts, required to extremes that you didn’t understand were possible. They pre-exhaust with slope dumbbell presses, then max out on bench … and after that include chains. Then it’s on to cable television flyes, prior to a last “climb the ladder” cable-cross burnout right out of the playbook of Hany Rambod, developer of the FST-7: Big and Ripped training system.

Throughout the exercise, Mitchell shares not just training suggestions, however stories from his astonishing journey after losing a leg in fight. When this male states, “you must fail to grow,” he understands what he’s discussing.

KC Mitchell strikes it this tough and heavy in each and every single exercise. For his level of strength, you require a pre-workout that depends on the job.

KC Mitchell’s Monster Chest-PumpWorkout


Incline dumbbell bench press

3 sets, 12-15 representatives (rest 1 minutes.)


3 sets, 12-15 representatives (rest 1 minutes.)


BarbellBench Press – Medium Grip

Build approximately a heavy single or double. Optionally, include chains or bands.

6 sets, 2-5 representatives (rest 2 minutes.)


3 sets, 12 representatives (rest 1 minutes.)


Cable cross-over

Perform10 representatives at each level: high, chest-level, and low. Add in stops briefly for additional trouble.

1 set, 30 representatives

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