Quick: What are your leading 3 staples of a transformation-seeking method to nutrition? Number one may be “Chicken and some random green thing,” however not far down the list– and let’s be sincere, far much better tasting– are the basic sweet potato, and an egg-packed breakfast.

The basic method to preparing both includes pans and either an oven or a stovetop, however when you remain in a pinch, the microwave can do the task simply as well, method quicker, and with less mess. Chef Patrick Stark, aka the Stark Raving Chef, describes how in this video from the popularBodybuilding com AllAccess program, “Transformed: 12 Weeks to Your Best Self.”

Seriously, you can’t beat this for eggs. Get the timing down, and, as Stark states, the texture is more soufflé than rubber. You might lose the pan completely.

And do not ignore his 3rd simple microwave meal-prep alternative: the lowly yellow squash! Your least preferred veggie as a kid should have another appearance. Maybe your moms and dads were simply doing it incorrect the whole time!

If you like Chef Stark’s method, take a look at the complete Transformed program in All Access for more dishes, food hacks, and– oh yeah–12 weeks of amazing exercises, personalized nutrition, and change inspiration!