SinakoDunywa is a previous individual fitness instructor, rugby gamer, rower and professional athlete who is enthusiastic about health and has recommendations for everybody dealing with the joyful season. Photo: Robyn Kirk

December is the time of relaxing, huge meals, huge celebrations and long naps. Unfortunately for South Africans, it’s likewise in the middle of the warm season when we are all attempting to flaunt our summertime bodies. So how do we do both?

SinakoDunywa, a Paulshof homeowner, previous individual fitness instructor, previous rugby gamer, rower and overall physical fitness lover, has some ideas for citizens on how they can keep healthy and fit while not disliking the joyful season. He recommends that you attempt and end up being well balanced in the face of all the joyful enjoyable.

“The festive season is a time to let go, but that doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go,” he informed the FourwaysReview

“People often don’t realise that you still need to maintain your physique.”

Dunywa discusses that while you do not require to go physical fitness insane at this time of year, it is essential to take actions to deal with your health and wellness regularly.

Here are a few of his ideas:

• Start little

“This time of year is a great chance to get into new habits,”Dunywa stated.

“Instead of waiting until January to start a new fitness routine, why not start now? It takes 21 days to form a new habit, so if you start rising an hour earlier now, it will be that much easier when the new year comes around.”

• Exercise does not need to cost a fortune

“It doesn’t cost much to be healthy,” he stated.

“There are plenty of exercises that you can do outside the gym – including walking, a slow jog, things like sit-ups or push-ups… you can run on the beach if you’re at the coast.”

• Keeping active can be enjoyable for the entire household

“The holiday is everything about taking pleasure in time with friends and family, which’s actually essential. Find activities which you can do with liked ones– I remained in Mpumalanga just recently and saw households at a water park, and believed to myself that that’s a basic activity, and enjoyable, however it’s still exercising.

“The same could be said of hitting the dance floor!”

• Enjoy the food– in small amounts

“I have a crazy sweet-tooth!” he stated.

“Diet does matter, but you shouldn’t starve yourself, but simply try and compensate for the good food you’re eating. If you eat a whole cake, ok, but then know that the next time you exercise you’ll need to take that into account.”

• Find somebody to hold you liable

” An excellent method to remain on track [with a health and fitness routine] is to have somebody who holds you liable to what you state you wish to do.

“Get a friend, a family member, a spouse to help motivate you and make sure you keep your word.”