This year’s very first solar eclipse will fall on 21June The astronomy lovers all over the world will be eager to observe such an amazing occasion.

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse takes place when the moon can be found in between the earth and the sun. This obstructs the rays of the sun from reaching the earth. So, when the eclipse takes place, the earth goes dark for that time.

But since the moon is smaller sized than the sun, so when moon can be found in front of it, there is a ring of light. There are really uncommon eclipses in which the sun is totally obscured.

As all the sky gazers are really delighted to witness the occasion, one should understand that they need to never ever take a look at the sun straight throughout a solar eclipse.

The rays of the sun can completely harm the tissues of the eyes. The UV radiation can likewise damage the external layer of the eye and result in cataract advancement.

Many individuals believe that it’s fine to enjoy the solar eclipse with bare eyes since just a little part of the sun shows up. But according to NASA even when the 99 percent of the sun’s surface area is covered throughout the partial stages of a solar eclipse, the little noticeable part can still burn the retina.

Some even believe that seeing the solar eclipse through dark lenses or movie is safe, which is not real. All this can result in long-term vision loss and can harm the eyes. There is no discomfort in the eyes as there are no discomfort receptors in your eyes. The damage is clear later on.

If you are a sky gazer, do not fret, there are safe methods you can observe this solar eclipse.

You needs to use your protective glasses, field glasses, utilize a telescope or a box projector to securely witness the solar eclipse. You can likewise purchase solar filters or eclipse glasses. Make sure to purchase these just from a reputable source and they are authorized by NASA or ISRO. You can likewise purchase field glasses.

Tips to record it by your phone or cam

– You can utilize your mobile phone or a DSLR cam to record the images of the eclipse.

– If you are utilizing a DSLR, ensure to shoot through a telephoto lens to get appropriate shots.

– Use a tripod to support the cam and get clear images.