Lockdown physical fitness: Actress Preity Zinta was just recently found doing an exercise with resistance bands in a park. Watch video here.


Lockdown Fitness: Preity Zinta Takes Fitness A Notch Higher With A Jugaad Workout With Resistance Bands

PreityZinta does extending workout with resistance bands in a park


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  2. They can assist in lowering back and neck discomfort -LRB- **************) .
  3. They are portable and economical
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Lockdown and not having the ability to fitness center are undoubtedly unsatisfactory factors to stop working out. While lots of workouts can be done in your home with no devices, consisting of strength training workouts, there are some which require some type of “jugaad” to be done outside the fitness center. Just the method starlet Preity Zinta performs in among her newest Insta posts. She can be seen doing a workout with resistance band and some weights, however utilizing the assistance of a pole at a park. Now that is some intriguing jugaad!

“Finding different ways to stay fit during this quarantine. In simpler words this is what Jugaad looks like,” the starlet composes in the caption of her post.

Resistance bands are a popular physical fitness tool amongst lovers. They are basically rubber bands which are frequently utilized for strength training or physical treatment.

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One of the leading factors for their appeal is that a variety of workouts can be finished with them. They avoid you from utilizing momentum to cheat, and therefore, they allow much better endurance development.

The exact same can be seen in the Insta video listed below as Zinta is pressing her limitations to carry out the workout.


Resistance bands are likewise handy in toning and triggering muscles and enhancing general body strength. These bands use a basic yet efficient method to enhance body strength in your home.

Health advantages of working out with resistance bands:

1. Tones the body: Stretching of resistance bands can increase stress in your muscles and make them agreement. This in turn assists in enhancing toning of the body.

2. Back discomfort and neck discomfort: Stretching with resistance bands can be an efficient method to minimize pain in the back and neck discomfort. You can just utilize resistance bands in your extending regular after exercising.


Stretching with resistance bands can assist in lowering pain in the back and neck discomfort
PhotoCredit: iStock

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3. They are incredibly portable: Resistance bands are light in weight and can be brought anywhere. They can produce a travel-friendly physical fitness devices.

4. Recovery from injury: If you are attempting to recuperate from sports or muscle-related injury, resistance bands are the ones for you. This is since these bands do not use pressure in the method weights do. They are safe for your joints.

5. Affordable: Resistance bands are cost effective too. These bands be available in a range density levels. The thicker the band, the more difficult the resistance. Choose according to what fits your body.

Kudos to Zinta for such fitspiration!

This lockdown, remain inside your home, remain safe and certainly remain fit.

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