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BIRMINGHAM,Ala (WIAT)– It’s Fitness Friday! This week, it is everything about the kids. Fighting Childhood Obesity is extremely essential.
Sadly, youth weight problems is on the increase. But health professionals state beginning young, when it pertains to kids and physical fitness can assist in the long run.

Studies program, about 20 percent of teenagers in the U.S. today are overweight or obese. With the variety of overweight and obese more youthful kids close behind.

According to health professionals, a current research study reveals kids must have less ‘screen time’ and have a more active enjoyable time. The time that a kid invests throughout screen time, such as in front of a tv, mobile phone, computer game or any other electronic gadgets can trigger a kid to be lazy, non-active and obese at an early age due to absence of motion and activity.

Doctors state, moms and dads, require to restrict their kids to 2 hours of screen time in your home a day. Screen time likewise affects a kid’s sleep, which is another danger element for weight problems.

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#FITNESSFRIDAY is here! We’re talking kids’s health and wellness with PK Fitness, LLC Jessalyn Adams CBS 42 has her kids trying the workouts!

Posted by CBS 42 on Friday, July 19, 2019

Exercises such as squats, light lifts, leaping jacks, bouncing balls, running, even some playing activities are all excellent ways for keeping kids active and battling the growing youth weight problems rate.

Kids being active and healthy likewise supports having appropriate nutrition. Just like grownups, what kids consume are likewise essential aspects when it pertains to battling youth weight problems.

Proper food part is having the right quantity of food on a kid’s plate. Not overloading and offering seconds or 3rd meals assist keeps a healthy weight for kids. For information on appropriate kids meals and nutrition see


For suggestions for moms and dads on how to assist kids keep a healthy weight and way of life see


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