“The biggest mistake when styling fine hair is using too much product,” states star hairstylist Michael Douglas.

What to do

“Go for a lightweight gel and let it dry into the hair. You want to avoid the hair binding together because when it’s wet, the scalp shows through,”Douglas states. “Use a paste because anything greasy, like a wax, will be see-through. Go with a fringe – if you blow-dry it back it’ll look transparent. Avoid cutting your hair too short or you’ll be able to see your scalp. Contemporary hair styles are good for fine hair.”


This kind of hair can fail quickly and leave you appearing like a 1970 s footballer. “Curly hair is tricky for men because you’ve got to treat it like a woman would,” states Douglas.

What to do

“Mousse is definitely the best product for curly hair,” statesDouglas “Get a golf ball-sized dollop and really scrunch it in. It expands and gives the hair body, which is good because curly hair can go a bit flat. Don’t comb or brush it because then the strands of hair will all go in different directions and it’ll look frizzy. Leave it to dry naturally, and use a bit of wax to rough it up so it doesn’t look too neat.”


“If your hair is dry it wants some oil, so use a good wax or serum,” statesDouglas The excellent news is that there are lots of items out there that can assist.

What to do

“You need a moisture-rich product, so wax is good,” statesDouglas “Heat makes wax go soft but the harder it is in the tin, the stronger the hold. Strong-hold wax is better for short hair. Warm it up, either by rubbing it in your hands or using a hairdryer. Once applied, leave it. The wax will then go hard and hold in place.”

Thick hair

“Men might think they want thick hair but it’s a nightmare to style,” statesDouglas “It’s easy to make fine hair look thick but it’s very tricky to do it the other way round.”

What to do

“Blow-dry lightweight styling gel into your hair and finish with some putty, which is like a wax, but you can use more of it without it going greasy. That’s important because thick hair means you need to use more product. You need a good conditioner because thick hair needs moisture, otherwise it can look bushy. A hairdresser can thin it out with thinning scissors, which makes it easier to style.”