ByDr Anil R

Latha and Kumar were anticipating their very first child and had actually made strategies to invite the child. As Latha remained in her mid-thirties, both households had actually taken additional care and were taking Latha for routine check-ups. During the very first trimester integrated test, the physician acknowledged some problems in the fetus and notified the couple of a possibility of the child having Down syndrome. To verify the condition, an incorporated screening test was carried out in the 2nd trimester which likewise exposed problems in the fetus. Latha verified that she wished to go on with the pregnancy and would look after the child no matter how tough it might get. The gynaecologist recommended the couple to seek advice from a psychologist who might direct them to handle the child after shipment.

LikeLatha and Kumar, most are not knowledgeable about Down syndrome and management of the condition. Hence, it is necessary to go through the tests suggested by the physician throughout pregnancy to prevent any issues for both mom and fetus. Down syndrome is a hereditary condition that happens due to irregular cellular division leading to an additional gene from chromosome21 The additional hereditary product is the factor for the particular functions and developmental concerns of Down syndrome. In a bulk of cases, Down syndrome is brought on by trisomy 21, where an individual has 3 copies of chromosome 21 rather of the routine 2 copies in all cells.

The developments in the health care market is assisting medical professionals detect if the fetus has Down syndrome within a couple of months of pregnancy through scans and blood tests. Despite these developments, India still tapes a substantial variety of cases with Down syndrome. Better understanding of the condition and early interventions assist in enhancing the lifestyle for kids and grownups with this condition and assist them live delighted lives.

Babies who are impacted by Down syndrome have an unique facial look, finding out impairment and developmental hold-up. It can likewise trigger other medical conditions like heart and food poisonings.

What are the danger aspects?

Certain moms and dads have a higher opportunity of bring to life a child with Down syndrome. The danger aspects consist of:

  • If the mom is aged above the age of 35

  • People with hereditary translocation

  • Having one kid with Down syndrome

People with Down syndrome are likewise more vulnerable to infection. They might have problem with breathing infections, urinary system infections, and skin infections. Therefore, providing additional attention to them is necessary.

With the aid of medical interventions, unique teachers and therapists, individuals with Down syndrome can lead a relatively typical life.

Here are couple of suggestions which the moms and dads and caretakers need to follow to handle kids with the condition:

Set concerns: Kids with Down syndrome require additional attention. Set your concerns for them. Do not let them feel that you are neglecting the kid.

Have a set regimen: This will assist them to enhance their lifestyle. Setting a time table for each activity will assist them get changed without much trouble.

Establish interaction: Individuals with Down syndrome face troubles in speaking throughout their early phases of development. Caretakers and moms and dads need to develop an interaction channel utilizing eye motions, facial expressions, hand gestures and other methods of interaction that the kid comprehends.

Never blame them: Caretakers and moms and dads need to never ever lose cool and blame the kid. Never abuse them and demotivate the kid. It will adversely affect their development. Always be motivating and pleased. It is constantly much better to preserve calm and be responsive.

Use play to discover: There isn’t any clear separation in between education and play. The kid may struggle with Down syndrome however can discover while they play. When your kid has fun with toys, present things, names and other things.

Be accurate: It’s simple for caretakers and moms and dads to be slowed down with misconceptions. Be equipped with accurate info. If you desire responses to things you do not understand, hang around on looking into. Get in touch with specialists. Share your discomfort or misery with households, guardians who are experienced in handling Down syndrome. Sometimes you may discover a service to your issue when you share info.

Help their development and advancement: Children with Down syndrome are normally sluggish to crawl, stroll, and talk, however you can help their development and advancement through physiotherapy, speech treatment, and so on

Managing kids with Down syndrome might take an additional toll on your psychological and physical wellness. But the time you invest in them will make them more powerful and independent. Therefore, offering them that additional attention is constantly important.

(The author is Consultant-Neurology,Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal)