Seriously,Halle Berry is looking much better than EVER nowadays. Check out this beautiful brand-new picture of the starlet using an attractive large t-shirt here!

HalleBerry actually looks half her age in this brand-new image published to her Instagram page. In the picture, the beautiful starlet uses a large black t-shirt, and presents for a sultry mirror selfie. Her toned arms are on complete screen in the transparent ensemble, and her hair is styled in intentionally unpleasant waves with her bangs tousled simply a bit. Paired with her dark eye makeup and sultry glare, the image is definitely sensational, and Halle looks beyond extraordinary

At52- years-old, Halle is really looking as great as she ever has, and she just recently shared her objectives for 2019 to enhance her fitness and health even further. For one, Halle stated she wishes to “get bad ass banging abs.” From what we have actually seen, she currently has those, so possibly she’s opting for a full-on 8 pack in 2019!? She likewise stated she wishes to discover a martial art, run more, do Bikram yoga and motivate individuals. Pretty remarkable objectives!

Halle has actually opened about her physical fitness regimen in the past, and fans are continuously needing to know more about how she keeps herself in great shape. In September, she confessed that a person of her preferred methods to remain in shape is through cardio, which she thinks about a vital part of her exercise.

halle berry

“I believe that my fitness regime is not the same without it!” she stated. “Cardi and heart health can go hand-in-hand.” Well, whatever she’s doing, it’s definitely working!