Looking out for dengue this monsoon: Know the symptoms and methods of prevention

Looking out for dengue this monsoon: Know the signs and approaches of avoidance&& nbsp|&& nbspPhoto Credit:&& nbspRepresentativeImage


  • Dengue is a mosquito-borne illness common in Asian and Latin American nations
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  • Monsoon can trigger a rise in dengue cases due to the boost in mosquito reproducing environments
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  • Understanding dengue is the primary step towards combating dengue and keeping individuals throughout the world safe
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NewDelhi: The monsoon season is here therefore is the danger of mosquito-borne illness. While discussing mosquito-borne illness, how can we leave dengue out of the discussion? Dengue prevails in Latin American and Asian nations and is triggered b the DENV (dengue infection). The World Health Organisation (WHO) approximates that about 100-400 million individuals are contaminated by dengue every year. Currently, there is no vaccine or treatment readily available for dengue. Upon medical diagnosis of the signs, instant health care attention is needed to prevent the unfavorable development of the illness.

Dengue – Symptoms and medical diagnosis

The signs of dengue look like that of influenza and are typically incorrect for typical influenza. The strength of the signs might vary from moderate to serious depending upon the phase of development of the illness. The typical signs of dengue are as follows:

  • Rashes
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  • High fever
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  • Nausea
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  • Headache
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  • Muscle pains
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  • Vomiting
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  • Joint pains
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  • Eye discomfort
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The signs of serious dengue might consist of internal bleeding, bleeding gums, stubborn belly pains, and uneasyness. The medical diagnosis of dengue is done through serological and virological tests.

Preventing dengue this monsoon

Here are some methods which you can safeguard yourself and your household from dengue:

  1. Keep your environments tidy: Maintain appropriate health around you, prevent leaving stagnant water around, and keep your environments dry and well-lit to prevent producing environments that can promote mosquito breeding.
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  3. Eat well: a strong body immune system can assist fend off infections and protect the body. Consuming a healthy and well balanced diet plan abundant in necessary nutrients can assist increase resistance.
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  5. Use mosquito repellents: There are a range of mosquito repellants readily available in type of sprays, creams, and spots. You can utilize these to keep mosquitos far from your body, Furthermore, prevent clothes that exposes excessive of your body to prevent mosquito bites.
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  7. Contribute to the neighborhood: Looking out for the neighborhood is as crucial as looking after yourself and your household. Make sure that you are adding to dengue control approaches in the neighborhood and complying to work towards a dengue-safe environment.
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  9. Educate yourself: Make yourself familiar with the illness, its signs, and treatment to make sure connecting for the proper treatment at the correct time. Progression of the illness can be deadly.
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Disclaimer: Tips and ideas discussed in the post are for basic details function just and must not be interpreted as expert medical recommendations. Always consult your physician or a diet professional prior to beginning any physical fitness program or making any modifications to your diet plan.

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