The RaphaFestive 500 returns for a 10 th year this Christmas and if done right it can be a terrific method to preserve your biking physical fitness over the joyful duration. However, if approached improperly it might see you fall out with friends and family, do yourself or your bike damage, and possibly not finish the difficulty.

Words such as small amounts and balance may seem like something a business fit would bring out however when it pertains to finishing the Festive 500 and logging all those kilometres on Strava, these words go a long method to setting you up for success.


From cleansing your bike after each and every single trip to hoping brand names will not discover a little bit of dirt when returning evaluation designs, there’s a spectrum of upkeep effort in the Cyclist workplace. To assit your efforts this Festive 500 it’s much better to lean towards the cleaner end of the scale.

Rain and mud can currently be bothersome adequate however include grit salt if you live someplace vulnerable to frost and your bike will quickly be breaking down under you.

As the above video programs, cleansing and relubing your drivetrain does not require to be excessive of an experience. In truth, as long as you’re not too cold and damp when you get house it may pay to simply get on and clean up the bike as quickly as you hop off it and after that opt for a shower once it’s done.

Remember to inspect and tidy brake blocks and rims too (or pads and rotors if on a disc bike), as particles on the previous will quickly make its existence understood on the latter. Inspect your tires and eliminate any ingrained flints, stones or thorns.

Even if you went heavy on the lube prior to the very first trip of the Festive 500 and you’re persuaded it’ll do till completion of the last trip, keep in mind that all the filth adhering to that lube and messing up your rear mech is making every trip that bit harder. If it gets too congested it might impact your moving quality, which makes certain to weaken your experience as you near the 500 km goal.


There’s absolutely nothing brave about going out with bare legs (and even arms) when it’s -1 ° C and there’s a frost on the edge. Dress effectively for your own convenience and to prevent sidetracking other riders who may look throughout incredulously at the sight of your goosebumped lower legs.

As well as the apparent coat and bibtights for your limbs, it’s vital to keep your extremities warm so a good set of gloves and a set of toe covers or overshoes ought to be put on for winter season biking.

It’s it’s actually cold, think about a neck warmer and thermal cap to keep your throat and head warm and out the wind.

Additional products such as a light-weight wind or water resistant coat can be packed in a jersey pockets for emergency situations or to toss on while altering a tube or queuing for coffee at an outside kiosk.


RideWith GPS plus a Wahoo bike computer system is a winning mix (although other websites and bike computer systems are offered). You may understand every roadway, lane and climb in your area however it’s extremely frustrating when you believe you’re 10 km from house however in fact the range is nearer 5km and you need to go up and down the roadway a couple of times.

Head in early and you might leave yourself a lot to do on New Year’s Eve.

Plot a course utilizing the RoutePlanner on Ride With GPS and you can be sure of the range you’ll be riding. Sync that path to a head system such as the WahooElemnt Roam and you can proceed with taking pleasure in the trip without questioning if you have actually gone far enough far from house prior to looping back.

Pre- prepared paths likewise have other benefits such as the pure delight of preparing what is most likely to be a relatively impressive endeavor in the middle of winter season, the avoidance of repeating by consisting of less familiar roadways in your paths and a reasonable concept of for how long you may be far from house so you can much better prepare your biking around other dedications.

Cutting a trip too brief is a threat, however so is ignoring the length of a path triggering you to get house 90 minutes behind prepared, leading to a missed out on household supper.

At its many fundamental, the Rapha Festive 500 can be carried out in 5 different 100 km flights on – for instance – 24 th, 27 th, 28 th, 30 th and 31 st. This provides you Christmas Day and Boxing Day off, plus a rest in between the 2 sets of 2 successive days.

Better still, go huge on Christmas Eve – 150 km or more – with a likewise long day on 27 th. This will stand you in excellent stead towards completion of the difficulty. Plan it well and you might be done prior to New Year’s Eve, or a minimum of integrate in some contingency in case icy roadways or going to family members eliminate prepared riding days.

Of course, be prepared to press back your start time or change flights on the fly if icy roadways and bad climate condition are elements on the day.


Making no claims about its real dietary worth, all of us understand that cake chooses biking – it simply does. Have you saw how excellent a piece of Christmas cake tastes when pulled, somewhat crushed, from a jersey pocket when the temperature level is near to freezing and you’ve got a great 50 km left of your pre-planned path?

All that fruity, boozy goodness will do marvels for checking off the kilometres that lie in between you and a celebratory woven roundel.

Cake applauding aside, remaining sustained and hydrated is vital however often more difficult to keep top of when the temperature level drops. Drinking enough can be a mindful effort when you have not got sweat diminishing your face and sun-dried tongue to advise you to take a swig from your bidon.

Bonk on a cold trip and you’ll learn about it as your body is required to work even more difficult to remain warm. Eat enough, beverage enough and many of all delight in going out on your bike overChristmas Plan effectively and it does not require to be at the expenditure of time invested with household, good friends and whatever BBC One is producing this year.

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