Fitbit's Inspire HR fitness tracker on a wrist.
Enlarge/ A various band can alter the whole appearance of the Inspire HR.


Update: Our Fitness Tracker Guidemaster was initially released in January 2018, however we have actually been checking brand-new gadgets to get ready for the beaches and swimming pools of summertime2019 Our suggestions now consist of a few of the very best and latest gadgets offered in 2019.

The smartwatch hasn’t engulfed the physical fitness tracker yet. While lots of customers are interested by the Apple Watch, Android Wear gadgets, and so on, old-school physical fitness trackers can still work and offered for the ideal rate. The primary objective of these gadgets stays just tracking activity: from everyday motion to extreme workout to actions, heart rate, and sleep. Most these days’s physical fitness trackers have not altered much visually, either. They’re still, by and big, wristbands.

Most contemporary physical fitness trackers are suggested to be used all day. And lots of now have standard “smartwatch” functions, so you do not need to totally compromise if you’re mainly searching for a wearable to assist you get in shape.

With a lot of gadgets sharing the exact same standard objectives and set of functions, it can be tough to analyze which tracker is ideal for you. But from our screening, there are some physical fitness trackers that stand apart amongst the rest– some for their thoughtful applications, others for their adaptability, and some for their concentrated method to physical fitness training. So with spring on the horizon and 2018 resolutions still holding strong, we have actually recalled at the physical fitness trackers we have actually examined just recently and chosen the very best ones for all type of users.

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Best total

FitbitInspire HR


Specs at a look: Fitbit Inspire HR
Price $9995
Heart rate tracking Yes, constant
GPS Connected just
Water resistance Swimproof
Smartphone signals Yes(call, text, and calendar)
Sizes One size (consists of little and big bands)
Battery life Five days

While we still have love for the Fitbit Alta HR, our previous preferred, the brand-new FitbitInspire HR has actually changed it in Fitbit’s lineup. Thankfully, it’s simply as great as the Alta HR and is available in at simply $99 Almost whatever we liked about the Alta HR still stands in the Inspire HR– the tracker with interchangeable bands tracks all-day activity, sleep, constant heart rate, and exercises consisting of swimming.

Fitbit enhanced the workout-tracking experience in the Inspire HR by offering it a somewhat bigger touchscreen than the tap-only screen on the Alta HR. Combined with Fitbit’s fine-tuned physical fitness tracker OS, the Inspire HR feels a bit more smartwatch-like than the Alta HR ever did.

Not just can you choose which exercise you wish to track utilizing the touchscreen, however you can likewise set timers and alarms and pick from a couple of various watch deals with to individualize the gadget. The gadget can get smart device signals too. While the Inspire HR can’t do whatever the Fitbit Versa or Versa Lite can do, Fitbit distilled a few of the most essential smartwatch functions down so they might work effectively and easily on the Inspire HR.

TheInspire HR likewise has Fitbit’s SmartTrack function, which instantly tracks specific exercises after a time period, and its linked GPS function, which lets you utilize the band in tandem with your phone’s GPS to map outside runs and bike flights. The constant optical heart rate display on the module’s underside not just determines your pulse throughout exercises, however it likewise tracks it during the night which information assists Fitbit’s software application determine your time in different phases of sleep.

While the Alta HR lasted about 7 days on a single charge, the Inspire HR lasts around 5 days. We want the battery lives were similar, however 5 days (with nighttime sleep tracking) is still excellent in contrast to a lot of smartwatches. Fitbit’s software application is likewise first-class– not just are the Android and iOS mobile apps friendly and simple to utilize, however the business has actually included various brand-new functions over the previous year approximately consisting of assisted exercises with Fitbit Coach, menstrual health tracking, social workout difficulties, and more. We’re still awaiting Apple Health combination, however in the meantime, the $99Inspire HR stays the very best physical fitness tracker for the majority of people.


  • Solid versatile physical fitness and health tracker at a fantastic rate.


  • No altimeter for tracking floorings climbed up.

Runner up

FitbitCharge 3


Specs at a look: Fitbit Charge 3
Price $149-$169
Heart rate tracking Yes, constant
GPS Connected just
Water resistance Up to 50 meters
Smartphone signals Yes
Sizes One size (consists of little and big bands)
Battery life Seven days

TheFitbitCharge 3 has all of the functions that the Inspire HR has, plus a couple of bonus. It’s a little larger than the Inspire HR, however that does not make it tough to use. It tracks all-day activity and sleep conveniently, and utilizes your input in addition to Smart Track innovation to tape exercises.

In regards to activity, the Charge 3’s consisted of altimeter is a crucial differentiator in between it and the Inspire HR. An altimeter permits the Charge 3 to track floorings climbed up, so if you feel especially achieved when you take the stairs rather of the elevator and desire your wearable to show that effort, the Charge 3 is the much better gadget of the 2.

Fitbit likewise consisted of an SpO2 display in the Charge 3 which must track blood oxygen levels and permit Fitbit’s software application to read more about your sleeping practices (when Fitbit in fact allows the sensing unit).

If you want to pay a bit additional, you can get the Charge 3 Special Edition that includes NFC innovation for FitbitPay The business’s contactless payment system lets you hold your Charge 3 approximately an NFC reader to spend for things like coffee, groceries, and so on. If you’re ever out on a run and forgot your wallet, you can still spend for things utilizing Fitbit Pay.

Like the Inspire HR, the Charge 3 likewise has Fitbit’s linked GPS function so you can map outside exercises if you have your phone with you. The space in between the Inspire HR and the Charge 3 isn’t a huge one, however those that worth battery life and desire choice to get NFC payment tech in their physical fitness tracker must go with the Charge 3.


  • Good physical fitness tracker that tracks floorings climbed up and has a longer battery life than the Inspire HR.


  • No on-device music controls.