Park bench strength training regular

Complete10 repeatings of each workout, and after that proceed to the next. Cycle through the workouts 3 times total to finish the circuit.

Step ups

Stand dealing with a park bench. Step up on to the bench with your best foot and after that bring your left foot as much as satisfy it. Then step down with your best foot and bring your left foot to satisfy it. Repeat 10 times like this, and after that change to let the left foot lead.

Modification: Toe taps

Instead of stepping all the method up onto the bench, raise the best upper hand so that the sole of your best foot taps the bench, and after that put the foot down. Lift the left upper hand so that the sole of the left foot taps the bench, then put it down. Repeat 10 times on each side.


Place both hands on the bench shoulder range apart (either with palms flat or with fingers on the bench and the palm curling around the edge of the seat– whatever is more comfy for you). Step both feet back so that you remain in a plank position. The even more you go back, the more you will engage the core and the more difficult it will be! Pull the navel in towards the spinal column, and after that flex the elbows out to the sides. Lower your chest towards the bench, carrying out a rise, and after that push down through the hands to go back to the beginning position.

Modification: Half push-ups

Same as above, other than just flex the elbows midway and after that return as much as beginning position.

Tricep dips

Facing far from the bench, location both hands on the edge of the bench so that the palms are resting on the seat and your fingers are dealing with towards your body. Hug the elbows in towards your sides. With your knees bent at 90 degrees, flex the elbows directly back, reducing your butt towards the ground, and after that push down through the palms to bring yourself support to the beginning position. To make this harder, you can stroll the feet out even more far from you. Just ensure to keep the back directly and down in front of the bench.


Sitting on a park bench with your hands carefully hanging on to the edge of the seat, flex the knees in towards your chest. Then, gradually lower them down towards the ground so that your feet nearly tap the ground. Slowly bring the knees back in towards the chest by utilizing your abdominals.


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