With a lot time invested in tablets, phones and computer systems, our neck muscles are under pressure.

Here are 2 easy relocations that will bring some relief. If you are uncertain whether yoga is best for you, consult your GP.

This position is terrific for full-body relaxation. Stand up with your legs hip-width apart. Bend your knees somewhat, hold your elbows with your hands, then fold over at the hips and hang forward with your head down, letting the entire body release. Your stomach must touch your thighs. While holding this position, move your body carefully in little circles. Try some small forward and back movements. Keep breathing and let your entire body unwind.

2Shoulder detox
You require a non-stretchy yoga strap for this. While staying up on your knees, or standing with legs hip-width apart, take the strap and get it with your arms about a metre apart, palms dealing with down, thumbs on the within. Hold it out in front of you, parallel to the flooring. Inhale and raise your arms up and take the strap over your head and back behind you. If this is too simple, close the grip on the strap so that your hands are more detailed together; if too tough, open your grip. Inhale once again and bring your arms back up, over your head and in front of you.

Repeat for an overall of 10 half-circles, breathing in as you start each relocation.

Michele Pernetta is an instructor at Fierce Grace, London fiercegrace.com