KagedSupplements was begun in 2015 by KrisGethin Kaged is the elite supplement brand name. We are continuously progressing, non-stop enhancing our voice, messaging, items, operations, and groups. Kaged is not here to be another “supp” brand name, however rather, we are here to be the very best sports nutrition brand name on the planet. We are vibrant, we assist you with appropriate supplements, your exercises, discovering your best supp, informing you on nutrition and health, and inspiring you to never ever stop progressing.

At the start of 2022, Kaged went through a rebrand to align their objectives much more with your fitness and health objectives. Here’s a summary of what is remaining the exact same, what’s brand-new, and why Kaged Supplements might be a great suitable for your physical fitness journey.

What’s Staying The Same?

WhenKaged was produced, we had actually set out on an objective to alter the supplement market by supplying cleaner, healthier, and premium items by genuine science. This is still the case today even with the advancement of our brand name. We kept the greatest quality active ingredients the exact same in our existing items and will continue to supply scrumptious natural tastes at a budget-friendly cost. We have actually likewise continued to keep our items Informed Sport accredited. This indicates all of our items have actually been 3rd celebration evaluated to guarantee there are no prohibited compounds. This assists assure moms and dads, professional athletes, and anybody consuming our items that they are safe and real to what is on the label. Kaged likewise remains real to our core worths:

Updated Kaged

  • We are your guide, not the hero.Here to choose you up when you’re down, guide you along your journey, teach you the principles, and inspire you to be your finest. But, you are the hero of your journey. We focus our messaging around you, and assisting you end up being the very best– instead of constantly concentrating on ourselves, and why we are the very best.

  • We state it how it is.We do not elude. We are brief, impactful, major, and sometimes, amusing. We have a tone of friendly strength.

  • We are modest, yet positive.We are not here to inform you how to do whatever, it’s your life. But, we have actually been around the block, and we have actually found out a thing or 2. We can assist you with your nutrition, supplements, training, and inspiration.

  • We are a human brand name, not some imaginary entity.You can inform we have the character to our messaging. That our group is comprised of individuals similar to you, attempting to be their finest selves.

  • We are brief and impactful.We break down complex supplement science into brief, easy-to-understand principles. You should not need to end up being a supplement researcher to understand what items you ought to be considering optimum efficiency.

  • We are more than supplements.We speak about nutrition, inspiration, training, regimens, enhancement, health, bio-hacking, and the art of advancement.

What’s New?


Branding is where Kaged has actually altered the most this year. Rather than Kaged Muscle, we are now simplyKaged We dropped “Muscle” due to the fact that there is more to life than muscle. Instead, we are concentrated on assisting you be the very best professional athlete you can be psychologically, physically, and holistically. We comprehend not everybody is everything about muscle and to live a significant healthy way of life, you require endurance, healing, strength, focus, and energy to be the very best you can be.


You might still see some labels with Kaged Muscle till we survive stock and the relabeling procedure, however it will not be around a lot longer! Our makeover is based upon“less is more” We have actually called back the intense colors, accentuated the trademark name, and followed a minimalist technique. We’re still utilizing the classic Kaged color design, however it’s more subtle on the items.

For years, Kaged has actually utilized the motto “Evolve with us.” However, with this rebrand, we have actually adjusted to“Never stop evolving” Not just is this a dedication from us to never ever stop progressing, however it’s a call to action for our members. It’s the concept of striking the health club with consistency, getting up early without striking that snooze button, enhancing your nutrition with accuracy, and remaining disciplined to your own advancement without any reasons.


To aid highlight this brand-new advancement and being the very best professional athlete, Kaged has actually just recently partnered with a brand-new professional athlete for our group, RyanCrouser He is an American shot putter and discus thrower Ryan has actually won 2 olympic gold medals and holds the Olympic world record in both indoor and outside shot put. He was utilizing Kaged supplements even prior to this collaboration due to the items being dosed at clinically shown quantities, loaded with trademarked active ingredients, and being Informed Sport Certified.


While developing items isn’t always brand-new for Kaged considering that we have actually regularly brought out ingenious items, we have some huge prepare for brand-new items in 2022, beginning with Pre-KagedElite This pre-workout was particularly developed for elite lifters who desire more to survive those exercises. We have actually made use of 9 premium trademarked active ingredients to provide those elite lifters an experience that will provide an entire brand-new experience.

Kaged Pre-Kaged Elite

We’re not stopping there though! Kaged has actually openly revealed we are checking out the protein bar, energy beverage, and nootropic classifications of the market. The concern is, how will we progress those classifications later on this year? We will see!



Kaged has actually been and is constantly devoted to assisting you reach your fitness and health objectives. That is why we just utilize the greatest quality active ingredients backed by science and get all their items 3rd celebration evaluated (InformedSport accredited).

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