Health and wellness of a guy is greatest wealth and every cop must pay unique attention to health and food so that the body can support him all the time.

Proper and healthy consuming and yoga activities are required for remaining healthy which is needed for providing task with energy, vitality and level of sensitivity and punctuality, so that they can satisfy the expectations of the department and the household stated DIG Bhopal Irshad Wali on the conclusion of Refresher Course on Thursday at Nehru Nagar authorities lines Bhopal.

For the function of easing the authorities workers and increasing performance, the 60- day refresher course being ranged from 25 June 2019 was concluded today on 28 August 2019 at Police Line Nehru Nagar; refresher course was arranged on the guidelines of DIG Bhopal Irshad Wali.

The unfortunate regimen of the authorities, the troubles in catering the system cops frequently buckle down illness and physical health problems like tension, migration, high blood pressure, etc which has effect work and household.

The primary goal of this refresher course is to eliminate the cops and increase performance so that every cop can stay physically healthy and perform his responsibilities.

In the refresher course 80 officers and workers from constable to sub-inspector level took part.

During the training, detailed info was provided about the yoga, tension management, appropriate nutrition, sleep, ability advancement and so on by trainers from numerous institutes and likewise carried out yoga activities.

Apart from this, cops were made to carry out PT parade, long path parade, cross nation race.