Despite our finest intents, it’s inescapable that we compare professional athletes from various strength disciplines and question who’s “best.” So, why withstand it? Instead, have a good time with it!

That’s what the group at the online training website BruteStrength Training did when they developed the four-episode web series “The Brute Strength Showdown.” Four leading professional athletes from the worlds of CrossFit, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and bodybuilding went head-to-head in occasions from their own sports, in addition to other traditional athletic tests and even a competitive consuming face-off.

These are the professional athletes

  • JacobHeppner: CrossFit Games professional athlete, 2016 7th Fittest Man in the World
  • SteveGentili: Elite powerlifter
  • LawrenceBallenger: Fitness design, NPC bodybuilder,Bodybuilding com and MuscleTech professional athlete
  • LuisJavier Mosquera: Weightlifter, bronze medalist at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics

Here are the occasions

  1. Max barbell tidy
  2. CrossFit occasion: “Grace”
  3. Deadlift
  4. Physique program
  5. Hamburger consuming difficulty
  6. Football integrate
  7. Soccer ball dribble
  8. Football toss
  9. Batting cage/baseball toss
  10. Knockout(Basketball)

Episode 1: Meet the Competitors

A weightlifter, a powerlifter, a bodybuilder, and a CrossFit professional athlete walk into an arena together. Who wins? Meet your oppositions and hear their stories prior to they go to fight.

Episode 2: Max Clean and Grace

The rivals handle their very first 2 obstacles: A one-rep max in the barbell tidy from the flooring, and the ruthless CrossFit occasionGrace Lawrence Ballenger in specific stands apart in this occasion, both for his 300- pound upright row/clean that we call TheOfficial Lift of 2018, and for his wonderful guide to corner store searching for gains.

Episode 3: Deadlift, Physique Show, and Burger Challenge

Now things are buckling down. The rivals check their one-rep max in the deadlift, then disrobe to the bare basics for a bodybuilding-style pose-off. Then, it’s off to the bar for a legendary burger-eating difficulty!

Episode 4: All the Balls

In the last episode, the professional athletes finish the last 5 occasions, and the winner gets crowned after making a major return.