BobHarper understands a thing or 2 about health. As a fitness instructor and after that host of TheBiggest Loser, he’s assisted lots of individuals change their bodies and their lives. And after suffering a cardiovascular disease in 2015, the physical fitness specialist has actually dealt with upgrading his own way of life, losing 40 pounds while doing so

So while Bob consumes a tidy, mainly plant-based diet plan and exercises frequently, he likewise has a weight-loss idea that he calls “one of the best in the world.” The highlight? It’s so simple, you can begin doing it today.

“Water intake is, I believe, one of the best weight-loss tips that you can do,”Bob stated in an Instagram video as part of a series he calls #TwoCupsIn He included that if you’re feeling starving, you ought to consume water initially. In the Instagram caption, Bob stated he consumes a minimum of a gallon of water every day and it has actually assisted him remain stimulated and “regular.”

Just beware if you are working out and sweating frequently; you will lose electrolytes while doing so, so make sure to renew with, in addition to water, some electrolytes, such as with an electrolyte-infused water or electrolyte tablets (we like NuunHydration Drink Tablets($18)). There is such a thing as drinking excessive water, so while a gallon (128 ounces) a day is an excellent total up to go for, attempt not to consume excessive more than that.

Shooting for about 100 ounces(125 cups) a day is a terrific location to begin– if your urine is almost clear, that indicates you are appropriately hydrated and do not require a lot more than that. Filling up on water rather of sweet or artificial-sweetener-laced drinks will assist you feel complete, keep your body hydrated, and eventually assist you drop weight.