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Health and Lifestyle

Bajheera on Games and Gains 

Nick Collias: Hello, everyone. Welcome to The Podcast. I’m Nick Collias. I’m some guy who sits here talking to people in the boardroom every once in a while. To my right, we have Heather Eastman. She’s an editor, personal trainer, physique coach, and judge,…

Health and Lifestyle

Podcast Episode 56: Rob Smith 

Nick Collias: Good morning everyone, or good evening, good whatever. If you’re listening to put yourself to sleep, that’s all right, too. We’re a bedtime podcast. Rob Smith: That’s cool. Nick: This is The Podcast. I’m Nick Collias, I’m the host up in here….


What Is Protein? 

Protein isn’t simply part of what’s on your plate or in your shaker bottle. It’s a huge part of who you are, and the exact same opts for every other living thing. And when you step far from the dietary label and take a look…

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