UniversalNutrition is more than a business and Animal is more than a brand name– it’s a lifestyle. Forged in 1983 with the birth of the renowned AnimalPak, we are very first and primary a household business. That sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, and commitment drives every version of Animal from our items to our professional athletes. We put our fellow professional athletes and their objectives initially in all that we do.

Animal is a state of mind constructed on dedication, commitment, effort, determination, and the concept that every day is a chance to be your finest. Each day you can set a brand-new individual record.


For over 30 years, Animal has actually been producing best-in-class, science-backed, and athlete-proven items. From the initial Animal Pak, we have actually broadened into all of the health and efficiency supplements that professional athletes require today. Regardless of your training design or physical fitness level, we advise the following fundamental items for all professional athletes wanting to enhance their efficiency, healing, and training. Start here to optimize the animal in you.


Animal Pak

Everyone wishes to achieve something. Bigger, more powerful, leaner … whatever it is. You’re going to need to train tough and consume right. There are no 2 methods about that. But when you’re neck deep in a program and taking a look at things on a macro level, the micronutrients in some cases fail. To prevent this, you supplement with AnimalPak This all-in-one pak is the supreme sports efficiency multivitamin. You’ll get all of the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients you require to sustain and recuperate from extreme training sessions. Cover all bases. Fill all spaces. Keep progressing.


Animal Whey Protein

WithAnimal Whey we held absolutely nothing back. We just set our minds on providing the very best quality whey protein powder offered to an audience of diehard lifters who will accept absolutely nothing less. No video games. No techniques. No buzz. Just protein done right. It was with these high requirements in mind that we created AnimalWhey Rich in valued whey protein isolate, strengthened by digestion enzymes, and blends quickly. At a tremendous 25 grams of protein per scoop, it tastes terrific and goes beyond the expectations of the most requiring lifters in regards to mixability, digestibility and taste.


Animal Greens

Ever have problem getting in all your veggies although you understand they are definitely needed for a healthy, operating body? Or possibly you bought some powdered greens just to discover it tastes like newly cut lawn? Whatever the concern is, ignore it now – toss one tablet package back and cover all your bases for the day. Animal Greens is a total, efficiently well balanced antioxidant-rich nutrition powerhouse. It provides an unique formula based upon well-researched natural substances discovered in greens like kale, wheat lawn, alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella and more. Strength professional athletes all over can gain from these powerful veggies.


Going beyond simply sports nutrition to assist individuals understand their real strength and capacity, Animal empowers our clients to get more powerful and trimmer one pack at a time. We partner with the very best of the very best to assist you reach your objectives with training, nutrition, and supplements pointers.Driven Intense.Adaptable We are Animal.


Evan made his professional status in 2007 and has actually been a staple figure in the bodybuilding and physical fitness markets for the last 15 years. He made his professional launching at the New York Pro in 2009 where he took top place. He has actually set the requirement for the Animal Pak brand name and what it indicates to be an AnimalAthlete Evan thinks that the mind-body connection is crucial for prospering in training and in life.


Stefi is more than simply a record-breaking powerlifter and good example. She is among the most well-rounded professional athletes that has actually integrated her understanding of the sport and nutrition into her own training platform, HybridPerformance She’s continued to transform herself and is now a professional fighter. Stefi is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has her doctorate in physical treatment.


Shawn Smith Shoulder Workout

IFBB Pro Shawn Smith is a freak through and through, and he enjoys to hear it. A strolling block of muscle, Shawn turned professional in 2018 and has actually been scratching and clawing his method through the expert ranks. As he goes up the market ladder, there’s no doubt he’ll be turning heads from every instructions. Keep your eye on him.


Evan Centopani

We think in effort and pressing yourself to the limitation. With that, we partnered with Evan Centopani andBodybuilding com to develop the unique IronIntelligence BodyFit training program. Super Heavyweight professional bodybuilder Evan Centopani understands that to establish a strong body, you require a strong mind.The12- week program consists of 3 stages. First, you’ll construct strength, which then enables you to strike the heavy weight and volume needed to construct size. Finally, the conditioning stage will draw out ridiculous meaning. By completion, you’ll have the ability to train at a level the majority of people can’t hack.

Get began on your journey today with Animal